With advances in technology, our wood look tile feels and looks so much like real wood, it's almost impossible to distinguish the difference. The proof is moving heavy furniture or sharp objects across our tile will not damage it. Durable porcelain tile is:
• waterproof
• stainproof
• scratch resistant
• UV resistant
• fire resistant
Unlike real wood, wood look tile will not warp or splinter and will never need to be stripped, sanded, re-stained, and re-sealed.

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Wood Look Tile FAQs

  • Is Wood Look Tile Expensive?
    The cost of wood look tile depends on its type and style. Ceramic is more porous and tends to cost slightly less than porcelain. Wood grain tiles with more features, like textures or advanced printing can cost a little more.
  • What Is Tile that Looks Like Wood Called?
    Tile that looks like wood is called wood look tile, wood grain tile, wood plank tile, wood look porcelain tile, faux wood flooring, and faux hardwood floor tile. It is available in several different colors and styles and is generally in a plank shape and size. However, more wood look tile options are becoming available, like wood look mosaics.
  • Is Wood Look Tile Durable?
    Yes! Porcelain tile is the flooring surface with the longest lifespan. Wood look tile is much more durable than real wood, especially in areas with high traffic or higher levels of moisture. Wood look tile does not require periodic re-sanding, re-staining, and re-sealing.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Install Wood Look Tile?
    Installation of wood look tile can be a bit tricky because of the long length of the tile. RevoTile™ solves this problem with ClicFit™ Technology. RevoTile is a patented floating floor system that does not require demolition of most existing flooring. Additionally, mortar that takes 1-2 days to cure is replaced by RapidPrep™ underlayment, which allows RapidGrout™ to be applied immediately and does not require sealing. Thus removing the need for a return trip. This tongue & groove porcelain tile assures perfect grout joints, no lippage, and installs 2 times faster than traditional tile. While the cost to hire an installer vary, HGTV star and celebrity craftsman Chip Wade offers tips for finding a qualified installer.
  • Does Wood Look Tile Need Grout?
    Yes, wood look tile does require grout. Many of the wood look tiles available have rectified edges, which means that their edges are very straight and consistent. Precise edges mean that the grout joint can be smaller so wood look tile can have a grout joint as narrow as 3/16 of an inch. Our experts provide more information regarding grout joints for wood look tile.
  • Is There Tile That Looks Like Shiplap?
    Absolutely! Look for a wood look tile that has a more minimal style with no surface texture and understated graining. Lighter colors or painted look colors are a great choice for a shiplap wall.
  • Are Wood Look Tiles Waterproof?
    Porcelain tile is one of the least porous flooring materials available. It is suitable for kitchen, mudrooms, bathroom floors and showers. Daltile offers outdoor solutions in our Xteriors ™ collection with products specifically designed to withstand extreme elements - perfect for patios, pool decks and outdoor kitchens.
  • Does Wood Look Tile Fade or Scratch?
    Wood look tile is very durable and resists fading and scratching. With the proper care, a wood look tile floor will last several decades. For the great outdoors, our TREAD Porcelain Pavers are 2CM thick for superior strength as well as being frost, stain, scratch, and fade resistant.
  • Are Wood Effect Tiles Cold?
    All tile is made from clay harvested from the earth and fired at high temperature. It is an excellent conductor so it holds temperature well. It is an excellent surface for underfloor heating.
  • Are Porcelain Wood Look Tiles Slippery?
    Wood look tiles can be slippery in wet conditions, which is why Daltile developed StepWise™, a technology which makes tile 50% more slip-resistant than standard tile. There are several wood look options that feature StepWise from which to choose.

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Real wood in a shower is crazy. But slip-resistant wood look tile is perfect for the shower.

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Daltile has created the only true waterproof flooring system: RevoTile with ClicFit.

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