Stone Look tile

Cutting-edge technology and detailed artistry form the foundation of our stone look tile. From travertine and limestone to marble and slate, our tile offers the luxurious look of stone with the benefits of extraordinary durability and simple maintenance:
 • scratch-resistant
 • waterproof
 • stain-proof
 • fire resistant

Our stone look tile is available from 12 x 12 to large-scale slabs, as well as mosaics featuring unique shapes and patterns. 

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Stone Look Tile FAQs

How do you make ceramic tile look like stone?

Tile that looks like stone begins with a ceramic or porcelain tile of high quality and durability. We use cutting-edge technologies like digital imaging and precision printing on the tile to replicate the look of stone in all its nuances. Most tiles have some texture that mirrors natural stone and enhances its authentic look.


How many types of tile are there that look like stone?

Stone look tile is the most popular style of tile manufactured. We offer porcelain tile that looks like travertine, marble, limestone, sandstone, and many more types of stone. Stone look tile comes in classic 12 x 12-inch tiles, 12 x 24-inch tiles, mosaics, unique shapes, large formats up to 48 inches, and slabs suitable for countertops.

Can I use stone look tile for the shower? The walls? How about the fireplace?

Yes! Porcelain stone look tile is an excellent choice for the floors, walls, shower, even the fireplace. Porcelain tile for showers is often better than other material choices because it is impervious to water. Stone look porcelain tile is fired in kilns at thousands of degrees, making tile that looks like stone for the fireplace the perfect choice.


Is there tile that looks like stacked stone?

No. Stacked stone is a unique, rustic style that is hard to replicate in tile. A random linear stone look tile mosaic is the closest you can get to a stacked stone look but it would not have the depth or split face finish a traditional stacked stone would have.

What is the best travertine look-alike tile?

Travertine is the inspiration for many stone look floor tiles (which can also be used on the wall). Daltile has multiple options to choose from with new selections available regularly.

Which is better, stone or porcelain tile?

Both stone and porcelain tile have their individual benefits, maintenance requirements, and installation considerations. Natural stone is the pinnacle of luxury but has inconsistent porosity, which means inconsistent water resistance, and often requires sealing. Porcelain is impervious to water and virtually maintenance-free. In settings where water is present, porcelain may be a better option. It is best to consider the usage and expected traffic in your space, as well as the level of care you are willing to commit to when deciding between natural stone vs. porcelain.

Is stone look tile less expensive than stone tile?

Yes. Natural stone tile is mined from sites around the world. Due to the expense of extracting from the earth and shipping to its final destination, natural stone is generally more expensive. It must also be cut and finished before it is ready to sell. Most of our stone look tile is manufactured in the USA, usually close to where it is sold, using local materials. The high-tech equipment in our manufacturing plants presses, cuts, prints, finishes, and packages tile all in one location. This allows most of our stone look tile to have a lower cost than stone. Some high-end stone look porcelain can be more expensive than stone, but this is an exception.

How can I tell if my tile is natural stone or look alike?

Great question. Today’s technology can make telling the difference very difficult. If your tile is installed, get as close to it as possible and give it a good look. Up close you should be able to start to distinguish some pixels from the printing process on stone look tile. Stone will not have these signs. If the tile is not yet installed, examine the sides and back of the tile. It will have a different look and finish than the front if it is stone look tile.

Do you need to seal stone look porcelain tile?

No. Only natural stone needs to be sealed. Porcelain tile that looks like stone has a glazed finish that doesn’t need sealing.

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