Bathroom with light blue, navy & and white cube mosaic tile backsplash and white porcelain slab countertop on double-sink vanity with black metal legs.


Mosaic tile is an excellent choice for an eye-catching kitchen backsplash, a functional yet elegant shower floor, and so much more.
Our wide variety of mosaic tiles extends beyond our beautiful glass mosaic tiling. Other excellent options include porcelain, ceramic, metal, natural stone, and mixed elements (like natural stone & antique metals!). With advances in technology, we also offer peel & stick mosaics and even no grout mosaic options that possess the high quality you have come to expect from Daltile.


Mosaic Design Tool

Create your own custom, random blends or design your own patterns with unique color ratios with our mosaic design tool. This tools allows you to use Keystones™, Color Wheel™ Mosaics, and Color Wheel™ Retro to create your own one-of-a-kind mosaic tile.
Our custom designer lets you save your designs to your computer, print, and share via email or social media. 

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Mosaic Tile FAQs


What is mosaic tile?

Mosaic tile is any combination of tile sizes, colors, shapes and/or materials, set in a sheet for easy installation. They can be ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone and even metal or mirror, set randomly or in a pattern, and usually on a mesh-mounted sheet.


What is the difference between mosaic and tile?

Tile is a single piece of material (ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, etc.) cut in a uniform shape that can be arranged in different patterns to cover a surface. Tile is typically rectangular, but can be square, hexagon, picket, and many other shapes. Mosaics incorporate any combination of tile sizes, colors, shapes, and/or material to create a unique surface covering. Mosaic tiling is a unique form of artwork and often offers WOW factor to the wall, floor, kitchen backsplash, shower floor, pool lining, bathroom backsplash, and many other applications.


Do mosaic tiles need to be sealed?

It is generally recommended to seal mosaic tile. Some mosaic tiles require sealing both prior to and after installation. It is especially important to seal any mosaic tile that has porous surfaces, such as natural stone, to prevent staining. Sealing mosaic tile after installation will also help project the grout.


What do you use to stick mosaic tile to a wall?

The type of mosaic adhesive depends on where the mosaic tile is going. For any application where water will be present - showers, pools, fountains, spas, tub surrounds, outdoors, etc. -  a bonding agent called thinset should be used. Some artistic mosaics have the best appeal when a white PVA adhesive is used.


Is mosaic tile good for shower floor?

Yes, several aspects make mosaic tile an excellent choice for shower floors. First, shower floors have slopes, shapes and drains to consider. Mosaic tiling is smaller in size and the sheets are more flexible, making them the perfect solution for all these conditions. Second, the combination of smaller tile and more grout can provide improved slip resistance, which is imperative in a shower.


Can I use mosaic tile on the floor?

Yes, mosaic tile is suitable for use on the floor as well as walls. The recommended use for a particular mosaic tile is best determined by several factors, such as the level of traffic expected, whether an indoor or outdoor setting, and the likelihood of moisture. Your local Daltile showroom is an excellent source of information regarding which mosaic tiles are best in different applications.


Why is mosaic tile so expensive?

Mosaic tile is a combination of intricate patterns that are mounted piece by piece to a mesh or paper sheet, making the production labor intensive. Thus the price per square foot is often more expensive than regular tile.


Is mosaic tile easier to install?

Yes, compared to standard tile, mosaic tile is easier to install. Special equipment is required to cut regular tile. The mesh sheet that mosaic tile are attached to is easy to cut. With regular tile you can sometimes end up with a row of small awkward cut tiles. Since mosaic tiles are much smaller, this is easier to avoid. As with regular tile, it is important that care be taken to keep mosaic sheets straight while installing to ensure the mosaic patterns and grout lines are kept consistent.


What is the best glue for outdoor mosaics?

For exterior installation of mosaic tile, we recommend using thinset mortar rather than adhesives.


What kind of grout should I use for mosaics?

We recommend epoxy grout for mosaic tile. Compared to cement-based grout, epoxy grout is stronger, more stain- and crack-resistant, and remains stable under most environmental conditions. (Our Minute Mosaix have grout-free installation!)

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