Fabric Look Tile

Consider the touchable texture of fabric with the unmatched strength of porcelain tile. Our award-winning fabric look tile offers a softer aesthetic without compromising durability and style.
• Waterproof
• Stain-proof
• Dent-proof
• Scratch-resistant
• Fire-resistant


Fabric Look Tile FAQs

What is fabric look tile?

Fabric look tile is porcelain or ceramic tile made to look like cloth flooring or wallpaper. It comes in a wide variety of styles, textures, colors, and sizes. The look of fabric tile adds warm and texture.


Which is better, fabric look tile or carpet?

Carpet offers a soft surface that is warm and cushioned for excellent impact absorption and dampened sound transmission. It creates a cozy ambience and is designed to last 5-15 years. However, carpet can be easily stained, shows wear with even moderate foot traffic, collects dust and allergens, is costly to clean, and has a large manufacturing carbon footprint.


Fabric porcelain tile has the warm appeal of linen, silk, tweed and other 3D textiles but is completely impervious to stains, can be used in wet areas without mold or mildew forming, is fire-resistant, and will not fade even after years of heavy traffic and direct sunlight exposure. Ceramic and porcelain tile is free of VOCs, PVCs, formaldehyde and allergens, plus it will not stain, fade, tear or show wear. Porcelain - the most durable material available today - can last several decades. 


Can I use a floor heating system with fabric, cloth or carpet looking tile?

Yes. Both ceramic and porcelain tile are made of fire-resistant material and pair perfectly with heating systems. There are two types of heated floors, hydronic and electric, and both are safe to use with ceramic and porcelain tile.


Can I put fabric look tile in wet areas?

Yes. One of the most significant benefits of fabric look tile is its ability to go where carpet cannot. Being made of ceramic or porcelain, fabric look tile can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and practically any place likely to experience moisture.


Are fabric look tiles slippery?

All our fabric look look tile is slip-resistant. The Sales Sheet of every product has the DCOF value to help you determine the best tile for your project. (DCOF, dynamic coefficient of friction, is a measurement that determines the level of slip resistance. To learn more, read this article from our tile experts.)


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