Dolores Catania in her newly renovated living room with floor tile that looks like wood and fireplace with porcelain slab that looks like metal façade.

Dolores Catania

Loyal and lovable, but never gullible, Dolores is a lover of all things fitness, family, and style. From several bathroom renovations, a kitchen remodel, and full home flooring update, Dolores has plenty of spaces to help bring inspiration to all.
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A Crisp Kitchen Design

This kitchen sets the scene for many of Dolores’s glamorous parties and family gatherings. As the heart of the home, Dolores wanted to create a relaxing, yet bright space where everyone could feel comfortable. Artigiano’s glossy, hand-painted appearance, inspired by the homes of southern Europe, brought a subtle charm to the design. Dolores also opted for a white quartz countertop from our ONE Quartz Surfaces collection for its low maintenance, durability, and chic look. For the flooring, Dolores selected water-resistant, wood look porcelain Emerson Wood in Balsam Fir throughout her home.

Marble Mosaic Powder Room

For the first-floor bathroom, Dolores wanted a light and fresh space for guests. For a lively accent, Dolores chose Fonte in Nautical Grey Blend on the walls. This natural stone rotating hex was a fun tile to replace common wallpaper and also added personality and flair to the simple space. For the floors, Dolores opted for Venetian Calacatta, an elegant marble tile with a white background and classic gray veining. Venetian Calacatta embodied a stylish harmony of diversity and simplicity and tied in perfectly with the grey and white wall tile. Finally for the countertops, Dolores selected Crystal Thassos Marble for its innate elegance, beauty, and versatility. 

A Bathroom Bathed in Elegance

Some bathrooms seem to never go out of style with their classic colors, shimmering finishes, and reliable tile, which is exactly what Dolores created for her primary bathroom. In Dolores’s stylish bathroom, she designed a show stopping wall design with Lavaliere in First Snow Elegance and shape Architectural Reflections. This luxurious natural stone mosaic with antique mirror accents was the perfect combination of geometric precision and sophistication. For the floors, Dolores selected a marble and limestone mosaic, Decorative Accents in Argyle Blend Gray. From stylized drama to classic elegance, these stone mosaics offered the freedom to create the perfect look for this space! For a neutral countertop option, First Snow Super Marble created a beautiful white background as well as a unique sophistication.

Oh So Chic Bathroom

When it came to her kids’ bathroom, Dolores wanted to create a space she knew they would love. On the walls, she chose two products from the luxurious Lavaliere collection of natural stone mosaics, Alluring White/Brass in shapes Kapali and Melded. These intricate white and gold tiles are the perfect choice for a glamorous, yet elegant one-of-a-kind design. To complement the natural stone walls, Dolores selected Carrara White marble in a hex and elongated hex shape for her bathroom floors and slab for her countertops. Carrara White is a timeless stone that is perfect for any traditional or contemporary design. 

Cozy Modern Living 

For her floor tile, which extended throughout her entire home, Dolores selected Emerson Wood. The organic and authentic look graining made this wood-look porcelain tile a classic choice for this living space. To match closely to the floor, Dolores chose Panoramic Porcelain in Charred Nickel to decorate her fireplace. This concrete look brought a twist to Dolores’s light and airy designs and captured a sense of strength and character.

Outdoor Kitchen


Dolores wanted a glamorous outdoor countertop that is durable enough to withstand extreme weather. Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™, our extra-large porcelain slab, is the perfect choice. Available in customizable sizes, this award-winning collection is offered in a wide range of visuals. Our stunning Calacatta Aries established the foundation of Dolores backyard design.

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