Elegant restaurant bar with porcelain slab countertop that looks like white and golden-brown marble, beige tile wall tile, shelves holding bottles of wine.


For an eye-catching, easy-to-clean kitchen backsplash or striking yet durable bathroom backsplash, browse our wide assortment of backsplash tile.
Subway tile backsplash
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• Textured tile backsplash
• Stone backsplash
• Glass backsplash tile
No Grout Mosaic backsplash


Mosaic Design Tool

Create your own custom, random blends or design your own patterns with unique color ratios with our mosaic design tool. This tools allows you to use Keystones™, Color Wheel™ Mosaics, and Color Wheel™ Retro to create your own one-of-a-kind mosaic tile.
Our custom designer lets you save your designs to your computer, print, and share via email or social media. 

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Backsplash FAQs


What's the purpose of a backsplash?

Backsplashes are designed to protect walls, mostly from water damage. They are typically installed behind sinks in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, mudrooms, wet bars, or on any wall in which messes or liquids are likely to splash the wall. (Thus the name backsplash.) While their purpose is primarily functional, backsplashes can be a key design element in any space.


What's the most popular backsplash?

Ceramic tile is the most popular backsplash. Although hexagon, arabesque, and other specialty shaped tile in a rainbow of colors are gaining prevalence, neutral white or cream 3" x 6" subway tile is still king. This classic style appeals to a wide audience and offers a blank canvas so other elements, such as showpiece lighting, open shelving, or bold countertops, take center stage.


Are peel and stick backsplashes reliable?

Our SimplyStick Mosaix™ have been rigorously tested to ensure they will securely adhere to your wall. A polyurethane adhesive can be used for a stronger bond, but it is not necessary unless the mosaics are been applied to a heavily textured substrate.


Should your backsplash match your countertop?

Your backsplash should complement your countertop, but does not necessarily have to match it. Natural stone or quartz slab countertops are stunning when continued up the wall as a backsplash. However, contrasting the backsplash with the countertop is equally attractive. For instance, a countertop with heavy veining and lots of movement is striking against a discreet tile in a coordinating neutral color. Flipping the combination, an eye-catching mosaic paired with a monochromatic countertop may be the perfect style for your kitchen or bathroom.


What's the most popular backsplash for kitchen?

Subway Tile is the most popular kitchen backsplash, without question. Mosaic tile is a very close second with textured tile and uniquely-shaped tile rapidly growing in demand. For those with a larger budget, seamless quartz or natural stone backsplashes are preferred. However, perhaps because it is so versatile and retro-chic, subway tile is still the all-time favorite.


Are kitchen backsplashes out of style?

Not at all. Backsplashes make a beautiful as well as functional addition to any kitchen. If anything, they are rising in popularity. Years ago, it was common to see paint or wallpaper behind kitchen sinks and between cabinets and countertops. Now, residential and commercial kitchen new construction and renovations always include backsplashes to protect the wall.


What is the latest trend in backsplash?

Natural stone in both mosaics and slab backsplashes are trending up lately, especially marble. A marble backsplash is a sensational, timeless choice and works with everything from traditional to modern designs.


Natural stone slab backsplashes are stunning with the same stone on the countertop but can also be paired with many other materials, such as quartz, concrete, or even butcherblock. A natural stone mosaic offers luxury, depth, and couples with almost any style cabinet or countertop. Natural stone has always been a secure investment, offering the biggest return on investment of any surface material.

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Closeup of textured wall with silver chevron mosaic tile, red rose, and diamond bracelet.

Glass Tile backsplash

For glistening backsplashes, few things shine like glass tile.

Closeup of wall-mounted fireplace with tan marble and limestone rotating hexagon mosaic wall tile.

Natural Stone mosaics

Explore natural stone for a luxurious backsplash.



Our encaustic tile offer a delightful vintage vibe.




Classic Subway Tile remains a favorite for backsplashes.

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